Animal Poison Control  - Did your pet get into something? ASPCA Animal Poison Control is a great resource to contact if you are concerned about toxicity.

Edmonton Humane Society - Looking for a new family member? Looking for advice on training your current pets? Check out the Edmonton Humane Society. The Edmonton Humane Society enriches the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.

Estimate the Yearly Cost To Own a Dog / Estimate the Yearly Cost to Own a Cat - A pet is a huge responsibility and also a substantial financial responsibility, these links can be a good starting point to assess whether now is the right time in your life to be taking on such commitments. Please note that these estimates do not reflect our clinic's pricing and should not serve as a quote of any sort.

Veterinary Partner - An excellent resource for any of your veterinary questions! Veterinary Partner is powered by VIN (Veterinary Information Network), a network of veterinarians who share advice and support for each other. A lot of our client education handouts are borrowed directly from VIN Veterinary Partner.

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association - The CVMA is the national and international voice for Canada’s veterinarians, providing leadership and advocacy for veterinary medicine.

Tufts University Veterinary Nutrition Services - Tufts University Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Service helps pet owners and their veterinarians incorporate nutrition into their pet’s wellness and treatment plans. The Clinical Nutrition Service has extensive experience in nutritional management of dogs and cats, from healthy animals to those with very complex health concerns. Please book an appointment with us if you have any questions!

Pet Proof Your Home & Yard - Some common sense advice on how to make your house a safe place for your dogs and cats.

Vetopedia - A glossary of veterinary terminology. Please ask a veterinary health professional if you have any questions about terminology that you do not understand at your next appointment.

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